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Easy ways for impress girl in just few days

Vintage tricks for impress girl

Give it enough time

It was earlier that boys and girls did not spend time together. Today the situation is quite different. Girls want to spend more and more time with their boyfriend. If you like someone, then try to spend as much time with him as possible.

If possible, take him to dinner or spend a good time in the garden in the evening. If that girl is in college with you then you can spend more time in the class library with her. Apart from this, you can get him many more opportunities like college functions, parties etc. If you have fallen in love with your own colleague in the office, then you can offer it coffee after office.

Avoid boss attitude

If you have seen Fifty Shades of Gray you would have liked Christine Gray’s Dominant Style. But girls do not like it much. They can tolerate some time for a different experience, but for long relationships, you have to be with them instead of dominating them.

In the olden days, women used to prefer men dominated, but now it is not so. Now they like such boys and do not impose their likes and dislikes on girls and give them the right to live by their own will.

Leave the wrong habits

If you smoke or drink then leave them immediately. Girls always like to live with boys with good habits.

Support him

The first boys did not support girls who used to go, but now it is not so. It is very important for a girl to make girlfriends that you become a support for her. You do not stop her every word but give her Confidence that she is walking on the right track. If you ever feel that he is walking on the wrong path, instead of scolding or angry, explain it with love comfortably, so that your impression will increase further.

Invite on date

You may have often seen in old films that heroes used to call heroine at a particular place, at special times to meet them. Now it is not so. Today, if you want to take a girl on a date, you should consult her for it too. You should ask him what time and place he will be comfortable for. If you show this kind of partnership everywhere, your girlfriend will surely never leave you.

Take care of her interests

Every girl has her own interests. Someone likes to watch movies, so to visit someone else. So always take care of her interests

Do not compare it to other girls

Nowadays, modern women do not like it that you compare them to someone else. If you accidentally compared a girl to someone else and told it less then be sure that there will be a crack in your relationship.

Give it special treatment

The most important thing for any love relationship is that the more special you make to a girl, the more quickly and more you are impaired. You do not have to do much for this, just keep in mind the little things.

For example, when a girl calls you and you can not receive her phone, then as soon as you get the time you call her and say sorry. Occasionally, to give him special specials, some unique gifts such as perfume, cloths, earrings, footwear, bags, bracelet etc. can be presented in the gift.

Change Yourself

With the change of time everything changes. It is not enough just to be good at heart today but you should also come to reproduce yourself well. For this, you can help to personalize your own grooming classes. If you want, you can get help from other girls in your friend circle too.

How to impress girlfriend ?

Be as it is

Often, boys pretend to be good in front of girls, which nowadays girls dislike. Modern girls like you in their real form. At present, it is better for girls to make friends that you are as well, accept whatever is there and meet your girls with their reality. But while going to meet the girl, please pay attention to your reprint so that they can impress.

Increase your Trust Rate

Girls do not trust anyone easily. So be patient and gradually increase your trust rate by helping him in everyday activities.

Wear impressive dress

As you look more attractive and with a good smell, taking care of your own beauty will make him realize that you are mature and have the capacity to do important daily tasks. Apart from this, pay attention to what type of clothing she wears, and you also wear the same type of clothes, that will make it easier for you to keep up with you and it will attract you more. And pay special attention to these areas:

Be courteous

Being polite does not mean that you are uninterested – this means that you know how to treat others with respect, an quality that most girls want in their lover. By doing this, you should show the girl that you can be thoughtful not only to her, but also to everyone.
Say “Please”, “Thank You” and “You’re Welcome”. Asking something “I would like that” or “I would love it if you …” use.
If someone is coming from behind you, open the door and open them for them.
Avoid blasphemy or something bad in the public, or some people. There is no harm in dealing with exemptions with your friends, but try to show your best behavior to those whom you do not know well.

Spend some time away at some place

If you are crazy about that girl, it is hard to do, but it is a surefire way to get out of friendship. If you want him to see you in a different way, then you have to spend a little time separately with him so that when you start talking to him again, you can restart your relationship.
Have at least 3 or 4 weeks resolve to at least contact with him. It will look very long, but you can do it! Be polite to see him, but do not go out with him, do not talk over phone for long periods, do not go to the databases, and answer his message small and straight.

New Tricks for impress girlfriend

If he asks you why you are going away from him, then say that you are taking some time to focus on your priorities again. Ask her not to take it on the heart, you are just working to fulfill the goals in other areas of your life. Most girls are motivated and ambitious people; This is the best reason you can give it, even though it is distraught why you are not spending too much time with it.

Think before speaking

All people sometimes say things wrong by mistake, but when you are around this girl, do your best to limit it. Think about what you should speak for a few seconds before speaking.
Do not talk about other girls. You might find it a good idea to make jalous, but do not do it. Talking about the beauty of the other girls in front of you, you will be seen as a superficial and unstable person. As far as he knows, you are interested only in that.

Avoid coming in a hooligan form. Avoid insulting people and being irresponsible towards them. Even if you say it in a funny way. Perhaps he failed to understand your joke and take that joke on the heart.
Do not tell dirty jokes. Such humor has a time and place – like when you are with your male friends. Do not behave like that girl around

Praise her a sincere

The one thing you should do in front of him is that you have a good and genuine appreciation of him. It’s not as difficult as it sounds! Do this:

Impress Girl

Think of what you like most about it. It may be his smile, his laughter, his intellect – or whatever you think of his best quality. (There is only one warning in this sack that you should not praise him on any physical trait except his eyes or his smile, even if his physical appearance is very good, but the time to praise it is not just right.)
Make it semi-private. You do not need to be alone to praise him, but try not to praise him where his friend or your friend can listen to you. You can do this by using text message or instant message.
Keep it short and love-filled. There is no need for poetry for three or four minutes on his best qualities. A simple one-line would also be fine.

Note how you say it. Instead of saying “this is a beautiful dress” or “I love your dress”, “you really look really good in this dress.” Do not wear clothes, but praise the girl!
Fix Body Language Smile! Say, keep the eye contact as well.

Make it special

Find out some of the small ways that he feels that you see him as a unique person, and he will surely look into this matter.

Do not ignore it or eat too much. If he sends you a message, send him a message back. If he wants to talk, try to make time for him even if he is a little uncomfortable.
Skip to your current work and help her. If he needs some help, then offer to help him! It may be the situation of lifting a heavy or cumbersome baggage, or handling it in some work, or talking to it in a difficult situation.
Let him talk. Talking to a girl # 1 is a mistake when you just pay attention to yourself. Girls can talk more easily about common interests while talking. Ask her about her interests, hobbies, favorite books, music, etc. If he asks you a question, answer him in short sentences and then turn the question back to him. This will increase interest in his conversation.

Best tricks to impress girl

Start a secret joke with him! By doing this, you both will be able to share a secret relationship that will remain between the two of you. This will make him special, feel and feel closer to you. This will also help you start conversations easily. But remember that if you use that secret joke a lot, it may soon get fade away from fun, so use it only when you need it.

Eye contact with him

If you like a girl, then try to see her slowly and keep in mind that she has no idea about you in her mind.

Best formula

This is what you admire the girl in front of the girl, she will be jealous of the girl’s heart and she will propose you. Because girls are burnt by girls and boys have a lot of benefit in this burning. Therefore, you can use this technique when you need it.

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