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If you are buying old car, first check out this things

Here we give you top 5 tips for buy old car. The auto sector has been in a slump for the past 10 months. Car companies are offering discounts to avoid the slowdown that they have never given before. In the midst of the recession, however, the demand for old cars has increased. According to a report, 20- to 30-year-olds or young women are buying older cars at OLX. These people buy cars for the first time. At present, the market for old cars in the country is 44 lakh units, which will reach 66 lakh units by 2023. However, there are many risks to buying an older car. If you do not have the right information, a cheap car can be expensive. That’s why we’ll tell you, special tips that will help you buy a second-hand car easily.

Fix Budget:

First of all, determine your budget for how long you want to buy a car. Keep a budget so that you don’t have to be burdened. If you are going to buy an old car with a loan, then the loan is not enough or the installment is expensive.

How Finalize the old car ?

Before buying an old car you have to decide which model of company to buy. If you do not decide on a car model or budget, you will be constantly confused. If the model is final then half of you are done.

Check Old Car Service Record:

Get a car service history from the car owner. Which will tell when the service and maintenance of the car has occurred and whether the car has ever incurred any major expenses. Service history will determine whether engine oil is replaced over time. Open the hood of the car to see if there is leakage.

Show the mechanic the car:

Whenever you go to see a car, carry it with your mechanic. Check the car well inside and out. Examine all car parts, body, painting, engine, doors, decks, hoods, lights and windows.

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Check the RC Book:

When buying a car, look for the RC Book at all times Below the date bonnet written in the RC book it is necessary to match the vehicle’s manufacturing date.

Take a test drive:

Unless you drive by yourself and try to drive, you will not realize the condition of the car. This will give the car an idea of ​​its pick-up, gear shifting, accelerator.

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